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TNB CO2 Enhancer Canister and refill

TNB CO2 Enhancer Canister and refill

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The future of CO2 production is here now with the TNB Naturals The Enhancer. The Enhancer is a CO2 generator contained in a small, compact, long-lasting bottle. For smaller grow setups CO2 generators can take up a lot of space, space that's taken away from what matters most-plants. The Enhancer eliminates the issue of space while still being a good source of CO2 enrichment. Setting up the bottle is simple, add 1 liter of water, close the bottle, and shake. The Enhancer provides up to 1200 PPM for 2 weeks in a 12' x 12' x 12' area.

  • CO2 supplementation in a bottle
  • Goes up to 1200 PPM in a 12' x 12' x 12' area
  • Lasts up to 2 weeks
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