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Safer Diatomaceous Earth 4 lb

Safer Diatomaceous Earth 4 lb

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Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth is composed of D.E. to effectively kill a variety of crawling insects. Insects die within 48 hours of ingesting or crossing through the dust. D.E. feels powdery soft to humans, but is razor sharp to an insect’s delicate exoskeleton. With no odor and non-staining properties, it’s so simple to use!

• Consists of Diatomaceous Earth
• Kills bed bugs, fleas, ants, roaches, earwigs,silverfish, and other crawling insects
• Dual action - kills by ingestion and contact
• Insects die within 48 hours of contacting dust • Effective outdoors too, but reapply after rain or watering
• No odor and non-staining

Active Ingredients:

Diatomaceous Earth Consisting of: Silicon Dioxide: 85% Other Ingredients: 15%

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