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Roots Organics Liquid Nutrient Line

Roots Organics Liquid Nutrient Line

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Roots Organics is a line of premium, organic plant nutrients, soils and growing mediums from industry leader Aurora Innovations. Roots Organics products are made by expert growers, scientists, and doctors using natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality results. 

HTG Supply carries Roots Organics supplies for all kinds of growing needs. Browse our selection today to find the perfect Roots Organics products for your growing operation.

Liquid nutrients and supplements: Roots Organics liquid nutrients and supplements are made from proprietary blends of exceptional organic ingredients that are specifically formulated to enhance soil quality, promote vigorous plant growth, and increase yields. With products for every plant development stage, you can use Roots Organics products for comprehensive feeding. We sell these liquid nutrients and supplements in various sizes and quantities to meet any indoor garden needs.

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