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Pitt Moss PM1 Reduced Peat Professional Mix 2.8 cuft

Pitt Moss PM1 Reduced Peat Professional Mix 2.8 cuft

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A professional growers mix that allows commercial growers to reduce their peat by up to 1/3, without having to do anything different compared to their traditional commercial blends! PM1 is a great alternative to fully peat-based mixes, allowing growers to reduce their carbon footprint and maintain high yields and grow consistent and healthy crops. Trial after trial, our PM1 out-performs competitive mixes on the marketplace, largely due to the addition of our PittMoss paper fibers. Growers immediately notice a better retention and more even distribution of water and applied resources, as well as a lighter weight, fluffier mix compared to fully peat-based mixes. What makes this product consistently out-perform popular brands is the addition of our PittMoss fibers. The PittMoss fibers are a growing substrate that is lightweight, engineered to have great airspace, and are the cleanest, most consistent growing media on the market, with no pathogens, weed seeds or other heavy metals and harmful ingredient. Each batch of our PittMoss media is tested to ensure quality and optimal performance. PittMoss PM1 is a soilless potting mix that also requires less water and applied fertilizer because of its ability to retain and better manage applied resources, evenly distributing them throughout the porous particles to be more available to the plant’s roots. PittMoss PM1 is the best soil for professional growers on the market, with beneficial readily available carbon, perfect for creating a living soil environment that is chalk-full of soil biology! PM1 is a great all-purpose potting mix perfect for seedlings, pots and planters, hanging baskets, raised beds and anywhere else you would use traditional potting mix. Compare it today with your favorite blend and you won’t believe the results!

How it’s Made: PM1 is made from sphagnum peat moss blended with PittMoss’s proprietary and revolutionary recycled paper fiber. PittMoss engineers this fiber to have incredible properties that allows plants to grow big and strong, even under stressful conditions. This revolutionary product is the most sustainable and high-performing growing media on the market made 100% in the United Sates. PittMoss sources all paper ingredients from local recycling facilities and hand sorts each batch to ensure zero contaminants. Each batch is hand sorted and processed in Ambridge, PA using PittMoss’s custom and patent-pending machinery. PittMoss conducts extensive testing on each batch, and proudly shares information on heavy metals and more with the public and as requested.

Ingredients: Sphagnum Peat Moss (60-70%), PittMoss fibers (30-35%), Coarse Perlite, Dolomitic limestone (pH adjuster), Wetting Agent

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