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Mushroom Grow Kit in a Bag 5 lb

Mushroom Grow Kit in a Bag 5 lb

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This mushroom grow kit blend of sterilized grain and substrate contains everything growers need to grow mushrooms, just add spores or liquid culture!

Our grow kit includes everything you need to grow your own mushrooms– just add your own spores or liquid culture! Every bag contains our blend of sterilized grain and substrate, instructional guides, and links to tutorial videos to make your growing experience safe and simple.

Simply inject the bag with spores and wait while 3-4 flushes (rounds) of mushrooms grow directly inside the bag!

Forget wasting money and risking contamination while transferring to a monotub or grow tub. Our mushroom spawn bag, substrate, and fruiting chamber saves you time, money, and makes it easy for anyone to cultivate safely in their own home.

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