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Mul-Tex Buckwheat Hull Mulch 2 cuft

Mul-Tex Buckwheat Hull Mulch 2 cuft

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The rich, dark brown color of MUL-TEX offers and attractive background for your plantings. The small, uniform size and texture of the mulch lend to its neat appearance. You can also rake the surface of debris without disturbing the mulch. Minimal reapplication is needed annually.

MUL-TEX buckwheat hulls are non-absorptive, thus allowing rain to penetrate to the soil. The mulch quickly dries to a light, insulating layer that conserves soil moisture and keeps plant roots cool and moist.

Just pour from the easy-to-handle plastic bags. Spread evenly at one to two inches depth and water thoroughly. MUL-TEX does not pack down, staying in place all season to provide better growing conditions for all your plantings
  • Conserves moisture keeping plant roots cool
  • Rich, dark brown color
  • Does not pack down
  • Easy to use poly bag
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