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Humbolt County's Own Deep Fusion Nutrient Line

Humbolt County's Own Deep Fusion Nutrient Line

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Deep Fusion Series


We’ve blended Molasses and Kelp in our Base Nutrients to create the most complete 3 part plant food system on then market so there’s no need to buy expensive “bio” kelp/molasses additives.

MOLASSES: Is a rich source of simple and complex sugars, polysaccharides, esters, vitamins, amino acids, micronutrients and trace elements. Its sugars are a superior source of nutrition for the beneficial bacteria in the soil.

KELP: Known for centuries to improve plant strength which is vital to plant health and crop yields.

Adjusting the amounts of Deep Fusion Micro, Grow and Bloom allows the grower to adjust the nutrients to the plant’s specific needs which change during its life cycle.

DEEP FUSION GROW (2-2-6) + MOLASSES + KELP: Promotes strong stem and leaf growth early on and increases effectiveness of DF Bloom in the flowering cycle.

DEEP FUSION BLOOM (0-6-4) + MOLASSES + MAGNESIUM: Supplies large amounts of Phosphorus for robust flower development as well as added Magnesium.

DEEP FUSION MICRO (5-0-1) + CALCIUM: Provides growing plants with large amounts of Calcium and Nitrogen as well as chelated micronutrients and trace elements. Plus, it supplies plants with 2 types of chelated Iron, EDDHA and DTPA, so plants have ample Iron under a wide range of pH conditions. No EDTA.

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