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Growth Science Organic Nutrient Line

Growth Science Organic Nutrient Line

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Growth Science Organics aims to offer planet friendly ingredients for optimal growth from seed to harvest.

Opulent Harvest - Opulent Harvest gives plants an essential element required for transitioning into flower and fruit production. Packed with natural Potassium, this powerful bloom booster encourages more aromatic flowers. With Opulent Harvest, your plant will be able to produce the high quality fruits and flowers it’s capable of making under ideal conditions. You’ve worked hard on your garden, use Opulent Harvest to make that hard work pay off.

Root Magic - There is a direct correlation between root vitality, your plant’s growth, and your final yield. A larger, more robust root system also means that every time you apply a nutrient you are getting more effective uptake and better use of your nutrient dollars. Growth Science Organics created Root Magic by blending extracts from some of nature’s most successful performers. This blend of natural extracts gives Root Magic its ability to encourage root development, giving plants a solid foundation for vigorous growth.

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