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Grafting Tape Clarks .75 x 60 yd

Grafting Tape Clarks .75 x 60 yd

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Product Description:
Clarks Nursery Grafting Tape is an essential tool for gardeners and professional arborists alike, providing a strong and reliable solution for tree wound bandaging and various grafting techniques. Known also as Nurserymen's Tape, this 0.75-inch wide by 60-yard long tape is perfect for topping working trees with the whip graft method, as well as shield budding. Its flexibility and strength make it ideal for supporting young grafts and ensuring successful growth and healing. Whether you're tending to a small backyard orchard or managing a large commercial nursery, Eaton's Grafting Tape is the trusted choice for your plant care needs.

Key Features:

Optimized for Grafting: Ideal width and length for whip grafting and shield budding.
Durable: Strong enough to secure grafts and bandage tree wounds effectively.
Flexible: Easily conforms to the plant's shape for optimal support.
Versatile: Suitable for a variety of trees and grafting methods.
Essential for Arborists: A must-have for any tree care toolkit.

Size: 0.75in x 60yd
Material: Specially formulated grafting tape material
Usage: Tree wound bandaging, whip grafting, shield budding
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