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Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance 6 oz

Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance 6 oz

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How Zero Tolerance Concentrate Herbal Pesticide works:

Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance® Pesticide Now OMRI Listed and can be used for organic production. Ed Rosenthal’s Zero Tolerance Herbal Pesticide protects your plants from spider mites, molds, and other pests. Made from high-quality cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and thyme oils, the herbal oils evaporate fully so ZT can be used within a week of harvest. Available as both a Ready-to-Use and Concentrate, Ed’s Zero Tolerance is 100% Vegan and even smells good.

Product Details:

Available as Ready-to-use in Quarts and Gallons

Concentrate 6 oz makes 1-2 Gallons RTU
Concentrate Quart makes 5 Gallons RTU
Concentrate Pints makes 2.4 Galons RTU

“After years of research, I have developed natural gardening products that I think you will be pleased with. Use them in your indoor, greenhouse and outdoor gardens. They are safe when used as directed and contain no weird chemicals.”— Ed Rosenthal

It costs a lot because it works!

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